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Serving Greatness Since 1947

Prime. Prime of your life. Prime time. Prime example. All of these phrases recognize “prime” as the best, the number one. And that is exactly what you get at Shield’s Market in Emory Village. Its meats are literally — and figuratively — a cut above the meats at the supermarket. Yes, Shield’s Market for the past 47years has sold prime quality meats including USDA Angus Prime Beef other protein such as hanger steaks, filet mignon and dry aged KC strips, as well as top-quality exotic meats such as elks, bison, and boar.


Shield’s, Atlanta’s oldest butcher shop, was founded in 1947 but grew in name and reputation under ownership of Geoff Irwin who came to the metro area with $63 in his pocket. He quickly found work and by 1986 was a principal owner of Shield’s Meat Market, then located in downtown Decatur. In 2000, he opened a second store in Emory Village, but juggling the two locations was too much and he closed the downtown location. But the charm and quality stayed the same under the watchful eye of Irwin and his long-time employee Diamond Mardell.


The second store, which was nestled inside a Kroger, was fated to close after Kroger sold the building to CVS but the neighborhood rallied behind Shields.

Neighbors and customers banded together to find a solution to keep their beloved Shield’s in business and eventually the story moved to its present location inside that CVS in 1999.

Customers know the value of outstanding meats, vegetables, and prepared foods. And they also understand how rare it is to get the customer service that Diamond, who bought the store from Irwin, and his crew offer. Need something cut to order? No problem? Trim a cut? Ditto. Need butterfly chicken breasts? How many? Shield’s Meat Market gives the same outstanding quality of products and service as back in the day when service and reputation were the cornerstone’s for retail success.

Not only does Shield’s offer the finest meats (steaks, veal, pork, lamb, exotic meats), chickens and seafood, it also offers fresh vegetables from local farms, cheeses, specialty juices and breads as well as prepared foods.

Shield’s meats and seafood come from Buckhead Beef and Halpern’s who source their products from local farmers in NC and GA.  The turkeys come from Joyce Farms in NC.  This is the same meat providers used by some of Atlanta’s finest dining restaurants.   Also available in Sheild’s are gourmet ravioli and other pastas, exotic sausages, international food items and premium charcoal.


The prepared items are perfect for a after a hard day at work or studying at Emory. The brisket chili with black beans is a neighborhood favorite as is the BBQ pork. As befitting a neighborhood store, it offs top-notch breads from near-by Alon’s, as well as homemade BBQ sauce.


And, if you’re throwing a party, a holiday reunion or casual gathering, Shield’s is ready to help cater your party so it’s a sure-fire success. They also sell a variety of beverages.


Centrally located with free parking, Shield’s Meat Market is the perfect place to discover the delectable joy of prime meats, fresh produce and a butcher who knows how to put the best meats on your table. If you’re looking for a meal that is a cut above the average, remember it’s Shield’s Meat Market’s prime meat and prime service that will turn an ordinary dinner into an experience.

Shield’s is open:
Monday-Friday: 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.,
Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.;
Sunday: Closed.
T-Bone Steak
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